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Sameeta, I am Light bearer, Conduit of Goddess Energy, Holistic Healer and Inspiring speaker and facilitator. Since past 15 years I have been involved in the field of energy healing, working for personal development of people related to self healing, training and consulting to build their self healing power, self esteem and specially confidence to overcome challenges and obstacles in life, and thus finding the true purpose of one’s life.

This work and passion to help and empower people around the world has taken me on the journey to explore the possibilities to learn and spread Divine Wisdom and knowledge that ultimately opened by spiritual pathway.

During this process of my journey I have been internationally certified as Principal teacher from Diana Cooper School of White Light, UK) for communication with divine beings of light – Angels & Ascended masters, walking the Ascension pathway – to take charge of your life, Lemurian crystal Healing, Re-connecting with Ancient Atlantis.

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This workshop has been an enlightening experience for me Sameeta. Your temperament as a trainer is truly amazing, which further made the workshop enjoyable.


Thank you for this wonderful session. It is one of the most simplified form which I was always on the look out for. You are very patient with our several queries which is very credible and endearing.


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  • Rajasthan Retreat Upcoming Retreat

    Join me to the northwestern part of India. Discover Rajasthan on 9th to 25th November 2024. Read more..

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Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards Picture

The Trinity Goddess is beautiful hand painted deck of 33 cards. As a conduit of Goddess energy the cards are made with blessings, Love and Divine wisdom that were given to help and guide people in their journey of Life.

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