Oracle Cards

Trinity Goddess Oracle Cards

~ by Sameeta

Oracle Cards Picture

The Trinity Goddess is beautiful hand painted deck of 33 cards.

As a conduit of Goddess energy the cards are made with blessings, Love and Divine wisdom that were given to help and guide people in their journey of Life.

Each card holds the energy of the Goddess and the message given is the guidance.

The deck has 3 category of Goddess - Egyptian, Greek and Indian. Each Goddess category has 11 set of cards, and each card shows main headline message, Goddess name, beautiful painting to connect with the energy of that Goddess and the channelled message.

Each card embodies the energy imprint of Goddess that feels the divine flow of light within you and around you. The guidance will help you to be strong and courageous at difficult times.

Draw the card everyday for general message and also when you really need a push or encouragement to take risk in life when needed, to bring the divine Goddess light in times of darkness.

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