This workshop has been an enlightening experience for me Sameeta. Your temperament as a trainer is truly amazing, which further made the workshop enjoyable.


Thank you for this wonderful session. It is one of the most simplified form which I was always on the look out for. You are very patient with our several queries which is very credible and endearing.


The angelic experience is divine and is so very practical in today’s world & scenario.


Thank you for holding such a wonderful workshop. The experience has been so motivating to be optimistic. I finally learned to ask for what I want and it manifested so soon that it has made me optimistic about my future.


Thank you sameeta for this wonderful workshop. It was amazing, beautiful and simple. I felt very peaceful and yet very energetic. Much grateful to you for your wonderful teachings.


This was my first full fledge workshop – truly as insight into world of Angels. I have begun to appreciate value of metaphysical power and how it can enhance self and life.


A very well conducted session. The knowledge which you have is clearly evident and youcan reach to the audience very effectively. You believe what you say and that has touched my heart. Thanks.


In the two workshops on Angels, I felt very nice and something different. I will recommend to my friends and relatives. Thank you for making me comfortable in the beginning.