About Sameeta

Me and Myself

Sameeta, I am Light bearer, Conduit of Goddess Energy, Holistic Healer and Inspiring speaker and facilitator. Since past 10 years I have been involved in the field of energy healing, working for personal development of people related to self healing, training and consulting to build their self healing power, self esteem and specially confidence to overcome challenges and obstacles in life, and thus finding the true purpose of one’s life.

This work and passion to help and empower people around the world has taken me on the journey to explore the possibilities to learn and spread Divine Wisdom and knowledge that ultimately opened by spiritual pathway.

During this process of my journey I have been internationally certified as Principal teacher from Diana Cooper School of White Light, UK) for communication with divine beings of light – Angels & Ascended masters, walking the Ascension pathway – to take charge of your life, Lemurian crystal Healing, Re-connecting with Ancient Atlantis.

Through Divine connection I have been blessed to receive channeled information from various source to know the sacred power of Crystals, tuning our body frequency through Cosmic sound of Crystal Singing bowls and tapping celestial colour thus getting it into synch and balance it.

We all are the beings of light and each one is having their own pattern and ways to evolve. My work is based on the belief that if you motivate people and increase their self esteem by showing them their inner power and strength, then they are able to heal not just themselves but their surroundings too. And in return the healing light spreads to the community and to our Mother Earth.

I feel honored and blessed to be doing this work and guide people by conducting regular transformational talks, Seminars and workshops in India, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam, Egypt, Australia and USA. Doing this process I mainly focus on activating Self healing inner power, the power of Meditation, gaining confidence, overcoming stress, and overall wellbeing.

My daily routine is to connect and tune with energy of Goddess, with Source Living Light, with spiritual masters and my higher self that helps me to spread unconditional love in my teachings and thus allowing people to become their authentic true self.

At my peaceful healing space and abode in the name of Divine Spark in Mumbai, India. I conduct regular talks, workshops, Meditation and trainings to rejuvenate people on personal and professional levels.

From last 5 years I was guided to start spiritual retreats to Himalayas and Egypt specially to help people to transform their lives in powerful ways. Since then I conduct these journeys twice a year and have taken more than 300 people and still feels the same excitement to conduct every year.

Follow your Divine Guidance

I am wonderful being of light and love, I am perfect reflection of every good quality, and I have remarkable qualities, I allow myself to hear Divine Guidance about making positive changes in all areas of my life, and be in Service to Humanity and Mother Earth.

“Aham Brahmasmi” - sanskrit word to “I AM THAT I AM”.