Personal Healing Sessions

Sameeta was guided by the Divine beings of light and Ascended masters to start doing personal healing session on one to one basis. After her tuning with her own higher self and guides she was guided to connect with many different beings of light to start this healing work for people who need.

She offers unique approach to the people by first taking permission from their higher self and then through their guidance the healing session is done. So it’s always different for different people as per their energy and guidance from their higher self. Each healing session is unique and specifically tailored to respective needs.

She is then guided to remove blocked energy from the subtle body that often keeps us from reaching our maximum healing potential. Chakra balancing/cleansing is done with respect to your current situations in life.

The general format of this one hour session will be a brief discussion, intention setting, Healing session to help you clear your energy centers, Sound therapy, using crystals, grid formation, using celestial colours at times if required for cleansing and healing and finish with shielding the person’s energy field and message given by divine beings. Sameeta’s goal is to help you clear what no longer serves you regardless of what modality you choose to work with in a session.

She also supports and guides the people in moving toward wholeness, wellness, clarity and health. Whether you are stuck in physical or mental pain or you are stuck and plateauing in your spiritual development or you just feel frustrated the healing sessions will help you unstuck your situations and feel rejuvenated to move forward in your journey peacefully, with LOVE & JOY.

Come and experience total relaxation and healing in sacred space...

Online Sessions

Online sessions are done on request. Kindly contact us.